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Course Details: Accounts Executive

Accounts Executive

The course places emphasis on firms’ economic transactions and business activities, and the accounting measurements and journal entries we use to measure and report those transactions and activities.

The course focuses on the measurement and reporting of the asset side of the balance sheets as well as the measurement of revenues and expenses on income statements. The content of the course is particularly important for students seeking careers in accounting and finance,as well as professionals who want to increase their knowledge of financial accounting.

5th Nov- Introduction to Accounting

In this class, you will learn about Roles of accountancy, Roles of AR & AP accounts executive, books of original entries, books of secondary entries, recording credit transactions, sales journal/sales book, columns in a sales journal.

6th Nov-Introduction to Accounts Receivable

In this class, you will learn about Accounts Receiables,Factoring of AR, Introductions to sales and sales departmenst,Roles & Functions of sales departments, what is sale, types of sales transactions, sales retur, sales discounts,Defining a customer,Trade customer,Ultimate customer,Industrial customer,Creating new customer id,Unique reference number,Discount to customer,What is sales documents,Types of sales documents,Account Receivable Process.

4th Nov- Introduction to Accounting

In this class, you will learn about what is accounting, who is accountant, functioning of accountancy, what do annual reports show and Branches of Accounting.

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23 November 2020
Fee ₹ 5000.00
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This course includes:

3 weeks on-demand classes
4 hours per day effort
Many downloadable resources
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