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Course Details: RSA: 27th Aug - 19th Nov '20 | 11:30 AM (LD)

RSA: 27th Aug - 19th Nov '20 | 11:30 AM (LD)

Retail Sales Associate are the individuals in this position who interact with customers to understand and service customer needs with specialization, leading to maximization of business in a retail environmentDuring this course, the students will be trained on the job role of Retail Sles Associate.

Moreover, the students would be able to:

1. Process credit applications for purchases

2. Help keep the store secure

3. Help maintain healthy and safety

4. Demonstrate products to customers

5. Help customers choose right products

6. Provide specialist support to customers facilitating purchases

7. Maximize sales of goods & services

8. Provide personalized sales & post-sales service support

9. Create a positive image of self & organisation in the customers mind

10. Resolve customer concerns

11. Organize the delivery of reliable service

12. Improve customerrelationship

13. Monitor and solve service concerns

14. Promote continuous improvement in service

15. Work effectively in a Retailteam

16. Work effectively in an organisation

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Rohit Sharma

Master Trainer for Training the Trainers under IT-ITeS and SCPWD
Starts 27/Aug/2020
Ends 19/Nov/2020
Enrollment Closes 15/Oct/2020
Fee ₹ 1000.00
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This course includes:

12 on-demand classes
24 effort
Many downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion